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Case Study: Hans from Norway

I was approached to trace the origins of a family story that involved a man who traveled from Norway with his parents, and upon arriving to America they changed their last names to reflect a more Americanized version of naming. They allegedly chose Hoff to reflect...

Case Study: The Autotte (Hotot) Family Migration

I was hired by a son who wanted to present his mother with a birthday gift of family history by searching out the origins of the Autotte family that was believed to be from France. My Goal was to find the town/region they emigrated from and where they landed in the...

Case Study: The 3 Lyons Legend

For over a century there has been a legend about 3 Lyon Brothers, and it goes like this. "Henry Lyon and his two brothers, Thomas and Richard Lyon of Perthshire, Scotland were in Oliver Cromwell’s army, a part of the guard who witnessed the execution of King Charles...

Case Study: Grandfather Unknown

The Hamilton family always wondered who their dad's father was. Kenneth Hamilton was never told by his mother when growing up and unfortunately he went to his grave never knowing. It was somewhat muddied because on the birth certificate the name Herbert Nieheisel was...

Case Study: Thomas Jefferson’s “John Hancock”

The Kitchell Family owned a large farm in Lebanon, Ohio and heard that the original land deed for the farm had Thomas Jefferson's signature on it but had never seen it. They contacted HamGeni to track down the document and get a certified copy of it. It took some...

Case Study: Geesner, Giesner and Gessner

The family story passed down through Henry Geesner Jr.goes that, 3 brothers came over from Germany with the last name of Geisner. All alcoholics. Once they came ashore they went and got drunk. They then all got into a fight. One brother, Jacob, said he wanted nothing...

Hamilton Genealogy helps people shed light on their past by bringing those events to the present in order to preserve that history for future generations.


Whether you are starting your family heritage adventure from scratch or have a roadblock in expanding your family tree, Hamilton Genealogy can help you. Many families also have oral stories of their ancestors that have been passed down for generations and we can assist you to find out if those stories have merit. Check out our case studies to see examples of how we have used our knowledge of historical records and DNA results to solve family tree mysteries. To get started with us and get a quote on your genealogical needs, fill out a short questionnaire so we can send you pricing.


We can help you fill out your family tree. We can build it from scratch or go into an existing tree and fill in the gaps and expand its reach. Using online services and tools, most people can fill out a basic family tree but if you have ever done one, you know it still takes a lot of time. We can also help you create a poster or book to document the findings. A correct family history is a legacy that should be well documented for future generations.


Many of our clients come to us because they want to find out an unknown relative. Some don’t know one or both of their parents and want to discover them. Maybe a grand parent is unknown. No matter the missing person we can help you through document research combined with DNA testing to uncover who that person is. This can take some time as more and more people get DNA tested, which gives more opportunities to use deductive reasoning to achieve our goal.


Almost all families have some type of family ancestor link or story that has not been fully proven. Some involve celebrities, others involve royalty. Maybe there is an interesting story such as a Mayflower stowaway or a an executed ancestor. Perhaps you have always heard about a royal link but do not know the exact nature of that connection. Maybe you would like to find out who originally owned your family land and how it came to be part of your family.